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Inner Selfie

Take An Inner Selfie

This week at the end of a career coaching session, I turned to my client and asked, “What might an inner selfie look like at this moment?” It was an off-the-cuff question that emerged as I shook hands and turned to walk away. I knew I had struck gold when I saw the look on […]

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I am moving… Are you listening?

Hello career voyagers! This site is now moving to Rivercitycoaching.com. I hope you will join me there as I continue to inform and inspire you through a coach’s perspective on this crazy journey called life. Meanwhile here is a Facebook post that resonated with many people. Have you visited my FB page yet? Please hop on over and check out my […]

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Living A Compassionate Life

The first noble truth of Buddhism states that suffering is universal. Everyone suffers – you, me, your next door neighbor, your impertinent teenager, your inconsiderate boss, your sometimes clueless client and even your arrogant VP. It is a common bond that we all share. From the most privileged human beings to the most desperate and underprivileged ones, and […]

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