Write Something Every Day

Write Something Every Day

What are you doing? Is it worth your precious time? Are you making something that you are called upon to create? What can you learn today to propel yourself down the path to creating something that is everlasting?

When I look back on my 14 years in Corporate, I realize that I stopped creating. I stopped writing anything more than meaningless emails and stilted corporate documents.

I stopped enjoying the process. I stopped doing deep work that created value in this world.

Lately I have been writing shorter pieces on Facebook. There are days when I write 3000 to 4000 words and feel like I could keep going.

Even if I don’t publish a long article that week, I feel like I have accomplished something. That is because I am MAKING, creating something every single day.

Even if you have no desire to be published, you can and you should write. Writing helps bring clarity to your thoughts. Think of it as a magnifying lens or a laser beam that will zoom in on things that matter to you.

Writing helps you shift your focus to a higher ground. When you allow your inner creative spirit the leeway to express itself however it chooses, it begins to flex its wings and soar above the dreams and plans of others.

Begin a practice today to write 1-3 pages every morning (Julia Cameron calls it morning pages, I am calling it my clarity pages).

Put down whatever is on your mind – it could be related to your work, family or passions or whatever.

Notice the words you choose, what does your vocabulary say about you?

Do this for a week and you will begin to see patterns emerge in your thinking. How can you nip the harmful patterns in the bud? How can you nurture the positive patterns?