Work Job Art

Is Your Work A Job or Art?

As it is with a story, so it ought to be with any work that you do.

Whether it is writing, creating art or a product, you always begin at the beginning, keep going till the end and then STOP.

You can begin with the end in mind, but you cannot rush through the beginning in the hopes of leaping to the end. There are no shortcuts in the creation cycle. There is no fast track to doing the work.

It makes no difference whether you are a novice or an expert. It makes no difference whether your tool is a keyboard or a paintbrush. Everyone must live through every stage of the creation cycle.

Every creation cycle is of different duration. Some ideas percolate for a long time. A germ of an idea may take hold and may lead to a brilliant piece of work years later.

Some ideas have the life of a fruitfly. An idea might spring up in a random conversation at an event you chose to attend at the last minute. This might lead to feverish creativity over a long weekend. There is a brilliant mad rush to the end.

But still it is the work that matters. Is your work, a job or art?

Is all work created with equal energy, fervor and thought? It should be!

Why hasten the process of writing an article, when you are choose to linger on the work that is paid for by a client? Why shortchange your work based on an arbitrary monetary value? Why deny yourself the pleasure of producing something that is priceless?

What is that are hoping for when you work? Is it the hope of creating something new? Is the hope of liberating ideas that have been urging you to be released into the world? Or is to manufacture a piece as does a factory worker?

If you are fortunate, it is the hope of doing, enjoying and completing the work that sustains you and not the desire of reaching the end.

The amazing thing about viewing your work like art is this…

The bittersweet-much-anticipated end when it does arrive…. is but another BEGINNING.