Truth of you

Truth Of You

The truth of you can’t remain hidden forever.

Last year I wrote an email to the universe. I asked the universe what it felt like to be authentic, how would I know when I was really truly.. truthful? What was my true authentic self? Forget passion or love or power, what was the truth of me?

I felt interminably sad to admit to myself I didn’t know the truth of me after all these years.

I have done a mighty fine job keeping many thoughts and feelings submerged for most of my life. When you are growing up in a culture where acceptance is based on following the herd, explorative thoughts are best left… unsaid.

So what is real and what is a reflection of upbringing, environment, survival instinct, and desire for acceptance?

I don’t know all the answers… But I know this much to be true. The answer is not so much what it is than what it isn’t.

The answer is that there is no guarantee that I will ever entirely know my authentic self. I suspect that is the same for you.

Physicists don’t know that they are done discovering elementary particles after finding the God particle. One day they will encounter yet another phenomenon that they cannot explain and… they will start pursuing the truth of its occurrence.

Similarly I know that I will encounter situations where I will learn something new about me… it may even be shocking. And I will uncover yet another piece of the authentic self puzzle. But this time I won’t take my discovery for granted. I will be skeptical and I will question the authenticity of everything I see.. I will run it through my truth filter before I embrace it.

Another answer is that authenticity isn’t the same for you and me. What is true for you… might not be true for me.. and that is NOT a bad thing. In fact it is one of the most wonderful things!

This means that I can stop following the herd. I can do what I do best and do it with mindfulness. I can give it my all and hope that my work serves those it is meant to serve. I can stop judging your truth… I can perceive that your truth serves you and the world best in its own way.

The last answer is that authenticity doesn’t always come easy. To sail the river of truth, one must pay the ferryman a price.

Sometimes the price is a sacrifice.. a sacrifice of your pride, your ego, your social self.

It is a dear price to pay.. But this is no ordinary journey.. it is an extraordinary one that will lead you to uncharted territories.

To go where your truth leads, the price is worth paying.. even if it is to reveal just another facet of your authentic self.

For when you (and I) glimpse a strange new facet of our truth… it will set us free… free from our circumstances, free from our constraints, free from our own expectations…

Free to be you and free to be me.