Make it real

Make It Real

If you mean to accomplish something, stop talking about it or envisioning it. Put it on your calendar!

Put that gym workout on the calendar. Schedule that new course you have been talking about. Make a possibility of that promotion real by scheduling a conversation with your manager.

The only way to ACHIEVE your goals is to ACT on them. Act with consistency, with determination and with perseverance. Act even when you don’t feel like it. The first step is the hardest, but once you establish a decisive pattern, you are committed.

Results then become a product of your habits. Success becomes a matter of repeating those actions until you achieve mastery.

I have to be honest with you, this writing thing, it often feels awkward… There are many reasons why suppressing creativity comes naturally to me. That’s a subject for another post (if you are are a closet right brain thinker you might be interested in tuning in.. Same bat channel, different bat time).

It’s easier to philosophize about writing than it is to actually sit down and write.

It’s easier to dream and fantasize than it is to write 750 words everyday.

Numerous questions swirl through my mind. “What’s the purpose of this post anyway?”

“I don’t have enough readers, why should I write?”

“God, I sound like I am rambling.”

“Get it done, already!!!”

“One more cup of coffee, yep, just one more cup and then I will start writing.”

Can’t you tell these are just tactics to distract myself? To give into fear. To postpone the inevitable. Do anything rather than just SIT and WRITE.

But just the task of scheduling a time to write changes things. Committing to pour the words unfiltered onto the blank page and hitting publish before I chicken out, makes all the difference. The analysis… that can be done post-mortem, preferably with selective perception and as much compassion as I can muster.

If writing is what I want to do, I need to make it real.

I don’t do it for the readership (thank you if you read this entire post!) or for the fame (I am told there is such a thing) but because it makes my spirits soar.

It makes me want to dance and sing at the top of my voice (off-key of course).

The question is not why should it be your dream or whether its possible. The question is, “So what are you going to do about it punk?”

This punk is making an appointment on her calendar for her next blog post.

Over to you, what is your dream? What are you avoiding? What actions do you need to take? When are you going to do it?