Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Products and Services (especially Creative Coaching) offered by Red Gram Living, LLC.

What is included in Creative Coaching?
How much does it cost to coach with you?
Do you offer personal or brand visualization services?
What is the difference between Coaching, Teaching, Therapy and Mentoring?
What are the benefits of Creative Coaching?
Why should I work with you as a Coach?
How do your Consulting Services differ from your Coaching Services?
Do you offer long term Coaching Packages?
Do you offer Coaching Workshops/Webinars?

What is included in Creative Coaching?

The ACT Creative Coaching Program consists of three different phase. The below process pictorial describes the duration, content and outcome of each phase.

How ACT Creative Coaching Program Works

Do you offer a brand or personal visualization?

Yes! I offer your very own creative visualization as part of ACT.

There are many facets to your skills, talents and passions! What better way of capturing them and using them as a blueprint for your continued success than a visual?

Check out this visualization that I created for a client that captured her story, her vision and her strengths in a powerful way. I pulled this information from our correspondence, the worksheets/surveys she completed and our in person consultations.

Creative Coaching Visualization

While notes and action plans from any coaching session are helpful, I believe that the visualization is one of the biggest perks of the coaching process. I view the creative visualization as a gift to my clients. I pour all my creative talents into it to express how the dots in my client’s life connect. It benefits the client in many ways, by bringing clarity to your purpose, your passion and your priorities.

For ex., this client remembers that being a caregiver is an important role to her, just as it is having the time to take care of herself. Her daily choices are determined by these priorities depicted very clearly in her personal brand statement. If she ever wants to shift her career in a different direction, her personal brand statement is there to remind her to stay true to her talents and her priorities.

How much does it cost to coach with you?

I prefer to engage in longer term coaching contracts with my clients so that I can help them make tangible progress on their goals. The ACT program is an affordable 3 month package that provides my clients a great value. This package includes 3.5 sessions live with me along with all the resources and communications. Apply here to receive availability and rate details.

I also reserve a few spots for coaching short term clients. If you have something urgent or compelling at stake, if you need to gain clarity on choices you are face with or if you would like to explore work/life balance issues, then you can choose to work with me on a session by session basis. Apply to learn about the per session rate.

What is the difference between Coaching, Teaching, Therapy and Mentoring?

I have written about the difference between these relationships here.

What are the benefits of Creative Coaching?

My ACT Creative Coaching Program offers many tangible and intangible benefits, some of which are:

  • Clients will be able to articulate their talents and strengths more effectively
  • The Creative Thinking exercises will help the client build self reliance in their abilities to hone in on the right opportunities
  • The Transform step of the process will help the client establish goals and take action towards achieving those goals
  • By gaining clarity on their goals and their vision, clients will be able to gain greater job and life satisfaction
  • The entire process is geared to motivate the client to take greater responsibility and accountability for their commitments
  • By capitalizing on their unique strengths, clients are sure to contribute more effectively to their team and organization
  • By facing their career frustrations and clearly articulating a long term plan, clients will improve their productivity and relationships with others

Why should I work with you as a Coach?

My diverse background, talents and skills allow me to offer unique insights into the career challenges faced by clients like you. Here are some of the benefits of coaching with me:

  • Excellence

I believe that every client and every project deserves the most excellent service I can provide. I will go to extreme lengths to make sure that you are satisfied with my services. Average is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

  • Creativity

I created this Coaching program specifically for analytical individuals because I found the traditional coaching programs lacking. I use techniques from drama and storytelling that you won’t find in other coaching programs.

  • Respect

I respect your time and the effort that you are putting into this program. I request that every client take a readiness assessment prior to participating in this program because I want to make sure that it is the best use of their time and money.

  • Diversity

You will work with someone who integrates perspectives from Science, Technology, Corporate America and Entrepreneurship into Coaching. My process advocacy is rooted in my education as a scientist/engineer. My analytical foundations are from my days in Corporate. And my creative approach to solutions is from my passion for art and my experience as a blogger/entrepreneur. I offer an impartial view and sounding board that you won’t find amongst your family, friends or peers.

  • Connection

I am passionate about connecting with my Clients on an individual level. I have worked with people from all walks of life at different companies. Projects begin and projects end; systems come and go. The one thing that adds meaning to work is the personal connection that I form with people. To me it is not just about the work, it is about forming a partnership that will help you achieve your goals and last a lifetime. Most of all it is about having fun on the journey.

  • Credibility

Although there is no requirement for coaches to be certified in order to practice and charge clients for their services, I am passionate about the philosophy behind coaching. I believe that the world needs coaches who will challenge their clients through a thought-provoking and creative process to maximize their personal and professional potential.

It is because of this reason that I am getting certified as an ICF Associate Certified Coach. I accept both paid and pro bono clients while I complete the certification process.

How do your Consulting Services differ from your Coaching Services?

I offer Consulting and Coaching as part of my left brain/right brain approach to business. My consulting services are targeted for small businesses and include Process Improvement services and Technology Enhancement tools.

The underlying philosophy is the same between all of my businesses. In consulting, I am concerned with understanding the long term goals of the client and recommending (and even implementing) solutions that fit that vision. In Coaching, I am focused on the long term vision of the client and helping them articulate their story and find their perfect next ACT.

However, there is one key difference between Consulting and Coaching. As a consultant, I fill a knowledge gap that the Client lacks whether it is in processes or tools. I recommend specific solutions that fall within my areas of expertise.

As a coach, I don’t recommend any specific path for my client to pursue. I act as my client’s impartial sounding board, using techniques to helping them uncover the best option. For some clients, the best option may be to continue working with their current company/organization, while for others it might be reaching deeper into their hidden pockets of talent to build a new career. I am an advocate for the path that provides my Client the greatest chance of success and happiness.

Do you offer long term Coaching Packages?

Although my preference is to work with you long term, I do offer coaching on a session by session basis. Please apply here for further details.

Do you offer Coaching Workshops/Webinars?

Yes, I plan on offering local workshops in Richmond, VA and online! Please be on the lookout for details on this page.