Creative Coaching

What is the ACT Program?

ACT is a coaching program for mid level managers and executives in Corporate America. This program is for individuals who want to take charge and propel their life to the next ACT, whatever it may be.

For some, their next ACT is reclaiming their holistic identity, while for others it may be channeling their creative self to build a new program or product, while for others it could be taking their current career to the next level.

Wondering whether you are ready for ACT? Take this 5 minute coaching readiness survey.

Complimentary Session

Your time and commitment are critical to seeing results in coaching.

Coaching is not for everyone. Coaching with me especially is not for everyone.

I challenge you, I provoke you, I use deep masterful coaching techniques to help you get to your next ACT. But, the impetus and determination come from you. You are in the driver’s seat and this is your ride!

That’s why I offer a complimentary session so that I can learn about you and evaluate the potential for a synergistic partnership. The complimentary session is conducted via phone or Skype (preferred).

Assess Your Current Reality

Once we establish a rapport in the complimentary Session, I will followup with you on the logistics of the program.

As soon as you enroll in the program you will receive a packet with a few initial assessments. Your results from these questionnaires will help me learn more about you and allow me to customize the program for your maximum benefit.

You have probably done your fair share of Pros vs. Cons matrices. Structured analysis techniques have a place in understanding and evaluating your skills. However, if you are stuck or at a status quo in your life, structured analyses alone won’t help you! Let’s face it, matrices, and to do lists can only take you so far.

In addition to standard techniques, I use universally recognized “Creative thinking” techniques. My Coaching employs Lateral Thinking to help you vocalize concepts and ideas. It sheds a different light on your life and the alternatives you might be considering.

The process of Coaching is similar to a dance, the direction and tone of the session depend on the client. We will blend different Creative Thinking Techniques and tools into our session based on your needs and your story.

Connect The Dots

The most amazing feature of the human brain is not the ability to store and regurgitate knowledge. It is not even our capacity to perform complex analyses. It is our ability to model the world around us and to perceive patterns in our daily interactions.

I have been using this philosophy in my consulting for many years. Now backed by holistic ICF training which includes NLP and Neuroleadership, I have incorporated this facet into my coaching program.

The beauty of Creative thinking is that it really does help you recognize the patterns in your own life. We will trace the patterns that emerge with your values and latent beliefs. Using elements from storytelling you will start to formulate the story of your next ACT.

This is a powerful exercise and it will disentangle you from your habitual patterns of thinking. It will help you view your skills, strengths and your entire career holistically. As one of my recent clients put it:

Kay, You have highlighted the unique strengths that differentiate me from other managers who are at the same level.

I challenge and coach you to connect those dots and to find the path that will yield the most bountiful harvest for your talents.

Transform Your Life

The ultimate purpose of any coaching program is to transform the life of the client.

In our Transform session, we will develop an ACTION plan for you to pursue the alternatives you have chosen out of all the options available to you.

Through each of the above stages, you will receive unbiased feedback from me. You will also receive notes from each of our sessions. You will also receive an action plan to implement the changes that emerge.

Client Testimonials

Here are testimonials from clients I have worked with recently.

By asking meaningful questions, Kay helped uncover my true feelings about my job and career/life goals. During our consultation, she helped me the connect the dots between my talents and my values, and challenged me to view my career holistically. As a result of our conversation and seeing the summary provided by Kay, I gained the clarity I needed to thoughtfully pursue the next steps in my career. ~ Geeta, IT Manager, USA

Kay was very helpful in mapping out my goals clearly as well as identifying and addressing conflicting priorities. The session was energizing and full of insightful questions, which helped me find a way to be better grounded in my practical goals while still keeping focus on what’s important for my soul. ~ Elena, Entrepreneur, Canada

What challenges are you facing that I can help you gain clarity on?

Are You Ready For Your Next ACT?

Your life, your career and your health, are your business. No one will care about them as much as you. If you are craving change in your life, you need to take control.

Neither your manager nor your Human Resources department are accountable for helping you make tangible progress in your career. At most they can give you tools and solutions that have worked for everyone else in your company. Their lowest common denominator approach is geared for the majority, it doesn’t take your unique capabilities into account.

Only you have the ability to grasp and narrate your story. Since embracing my own perennial ACT, I have become passionate about helping others verbalize theirs.

I have created this ACT program for everyone from managers to senior executives to help bridge the gap left behind by many company sponsored and traditional coaching programs.

As a former engineer/analyst/project manager, I tap into my diverse background to understand your problems. As an entrepreneur and writer, I challenge you to invoke creative thinking in honing your vision. I also provide the kind of accountability framework that is essential to make any lasting change stick.

We all encounter transitions in our life when we must make a concerted effort to connect the dots and embrace our destiny. We must recognize the seeds of a life sown on the fertile soil of our talents supported by the foundation of our values.

We must appreciate how our crop stands apart from the others. We must accept that we can produce the most abundant yield only by giving our talent the air to breathe, room to grow and rich wholesome nutrients.

We must believe that we deserve to invest in our own talents and our own destiny. Steve Jobs said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.

I beg to disagree! You can connect the dots looking forward. But to do so, you need to listen to your open heart and your creative mind to perceive the patterns from your past. Only by channeling them can you forge a course to your future success.

Are you ready to make a difference in your own life?

Unsure whether ACT Creative Coaching is the right program for you? Take this 5 minute survey to find out.

Have additional questions? Refer to the FAQs.

Meanwhile, keep rocking your life!

Your Creative Coach,

Kay Fudala