About Kay FudalaWelcome! I am Kay Fudala, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Red Gram Living, LLC.

My life has had many acts, but this is my Perennial Act.

Last year I decided to rewrite my story. I started building the foundations of an authentic life. Turns out following what everyone else was doing was not for me. Go figure!

A few things about me…

I am a geek, a scientist, a writer and a lifelong learner. I relish new ideas, new ways of doing things and new technology. I challenge the status quo.

Movement is seductive; the endorphins from dancing, yoga and running fuel my energy. We were born to move, to shake, to relish everything that our body can do.

I love food – spicy Thai, creamy Italian and of course delicious Indian. Belissima! Life would be unbearable without chocolate and coffee. There is a place for indulgences in a healthy life. Who says a healthy diet has to be boring?

I adore art; color pencils can create indelible magic. Art and poetry ignite my soul. Look around you – mountains, rivers, waterfalls, buildings, people of every color and age – there is beauty everywhere!

Above all, I love my little corner on this earth that houses my family. My beautiful and brilliant children and my loving husband, motivate and inspire me wherever I go and whatever I do.

I want to soak in every single moment and share it all with you! I want to inform, inspire and motivate you.

I want you to get healthy. Care for your body! Start eating healthy foods and moving everyday. Set a goal and achieve it.

Meditate daily to calm your mind. You can overcome anxiety and handle stress with grace. There is a higher wisdom, believe me! Meditation will help you get in touch with that greater Consciousness.

Know your self worth; you are more than enough! I want you to be confident and courageous in small and big ways.

Kay Fudala - AboutI want you to learn to listen to your heart and your spirit. They already know what you want and deserve. When in doubt, lean in to your dreams.

I encourage you to read and write everyday. Reading is the surest way to expand your vocabulary, knowledge and shed any hand-me-down beliefs. Words have transformative powerWriting will help you crystallize your own truth. It will help you declare your own manifesto.

I want you to take charge of your career and your life. Invest in your future, gain greater control over your destiny.

Above all I want you to feel joyous and fulfilled. Joy empowers you to endure even the darkest hour with equanimity. The capacity for Joy resides within each of us. Joy comes from self acceptance. When all else has been stripped away, at the very core of you in the stillness, you will find immeasurable Joy. Happiness and I have a rocky relationship, but Joy is my constant companion.

Is there a meaning and purpose in your life? Every life has meaning. There is value to everything that you have done and will ever do. Your purpose in life is to embrace all roles and all meanings. Live your life fully.

Success is so much more than money. Success is inner growth and clarity of purpose. Success is living wholeheartedly. Success is an audaciously authentic life.

Dwelling on success is futile. Dwell instead on how best to employ your talents. Success will ensue through your efforts, precisely because you had forgotten to think about it.

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Your Creative Coach,