The Magic of Shipping

I live in the realm of awareness. But even I can be blown away by the insights that surface in a coaching session sometimes.

This past week I was challenged by a peer coach, “How can you narrow your focus?”

Magic of Shipping

A startling insight emerged. I realized that I had been hauling a heavy load of incomplete projects and partially conceived ideas. They were grounding me, inhibiting forward momentum.

How could I travel up my timeline to keep an appointment with my future self while I remained tethered to the past?

The perfect program that we envisioned creating or the book that we were planning on writing, not only do they consume disk space; they also occupy valuable mental space.

My mental space was cluttered. My buffer was full. Furthermore, the weight of these unborn projects was depleting my confidence.

When there are multiple projects competing for the same scarce resources – your attention and creative effort – it is easy to feel stuck. The only way out is by getting back to basics, to systems and schedules.

Excited by the challenge, I dusted off my projects. I began to streamline the work on my virtual Kanban board. I jettisoned the excess load. I began to ship increments. There was an immediate sense of relief and a boost of confidence.

There is magic in shipping, finishing a product and releasing it into the world.

Later versions may be infinitely better, but the first version that you ship, it is the one that unleashes you.

You are bound no more. You are free to raise anchor and hoist sails.

Consider this… the wind that fills your sails also has the power to disperse seeds that can launch a thousand new versions.

What’s stopping you? Allons-y!

What barriers might be preventing you from shipping your creations? What strategies, systems and structures have worked for you? How can I help you?

Creative Coaching is the perfect confluence of Left Brain meets Right Brain. It can help define your vision, strengthen your decision-making skills and create effective strategies for taking action.

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