Take An Inner Selfie

This week at the end of a career coaching session, I turned to my client and asked, “What might an inner selfie look like at this moment?”

It was an off-the-cuff question that emerged as I shook hands and turned to walk away.

I knew I had struck gold when I saw the look on her face. It was one of joy and excitement.

It was an unforgettable moment. It reinforced the transformative experience she had just undergone.

Inner Selfie

I hate selfies. I can never seem to get the angle or the lighting right. I often end up looking like Seinfeld’s “two-face” girlfriend.

But, there is a reason everyone loves taking selfies. They are a great way to capture who we are in the moment, showcasing our best assets.

Since the selfie trend won’t be ending anytime soon, I would like to propose my own version, the inner selfie (in-fie?).

How about periodically hitting the pause button and taking an inner snapshot?

You don’t need a smartphone or a mirror, just your presence. A pen and paper to document your “image” would be cool too. If your modality is aural, you can record a voice memo.

The inner selfie serves several purposes. It helps you build your “Ta-dah” album.

Maybe you achieved a major breakthrough in your personal or professional life. Maybe you reframed your strengths by shifting perspective.

Life is full of these Ta-dah moments. Relish them and record them in the form of an inner selfie.

In the chaos of daily life, switching projects, companies, even partnerships, it is easy to forget who you are, to misplace your holistic identity. It is easy to feel incomplete, even broken.

Your identity is so much more than any number – the one printed on your ID card, your appraisal rating or even your bank balance.

These inner selfies help you remember and reinforce your holistic identity. They help you recall the person that comes alive in those Ta-dah moments, the one who wields her strengths with ease and operates in an effortless state of flow.

The more often you practice capturing these snapshots and capitalizing on their lessons, the better you will get at bringing your creative identity to the pivotal moments in your life.

What might this do for your confidence level before that first meeting with a prospective employer or pitch for a new project?

Luck truly is preparation meets opportunity. The odds are forever in your favor when you show up in the world ready to rock the multi-hued colors of your creative identity.

Inner Selfie

Which makes me wonder… what might your inner selfie reveal?

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