Care For Your First Abode, Your Body

Care For Healthy Body

The First wealth is health. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We don’t get to choose the body we are given, but we can choose how we treat it.

We can choose to handle our bodies with care. We can recreate the body we have been given.

You don’t have to be stuck with the body you inherited, you too can build strength and resilience. Looking good, now that’s just a bonus!

When I was in my teens, I loathed physical education! Running on the playground in a perpetually humid climate was not my idea of fun. I was a confirmed couch potato well into my 20s.

In fact I would still be one if not for two reasons – Having kids required great reserves of energy and I recognized that exercise made me happy and calm.

Last Christmas, I renewed my commitment to fitness by becoming a lifelong “FitBitter”. I was tired of the excess weight, the recurring headaches and chronic allergies. I hated feeling sluggish! Everything just seemed to demand too much energy – kids, work, and even blogging.

June 26th marked my 6 month Fitbit anniversary. Its an important milestone in my life because Fitbit has transformed my life.

It has helped me set and exceed my fitness goals. It has helped me gain a new lease on life.

6 months ago, I started small by walking, then built it up step by step to running, yoga and dancing.

I ditched the voice that kept saying “You should run”, “You look ridiculous dancing” or “You are such a wimp for not doing..”

I tuned in to the voice that said “This feels so… good”. I came to love Zumba, ShBam and NIA – all different forms of dance. I locked judgement up in the women’s locker and hit the dance floor. Since then she has left me alone… if you are her new victim, know that she is a liar and a soul thief!

Somewhere along the way I ran a few 5Ks and a 10K. I even started hiking the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains again. And btw, I lost 20 pounds.

The key to fitness is simple… Do what you love and love what you do.

When you love what you do, you can’t wait to do it… which makes you love it even more! Today, I encourage my family to do what they love – bike, play basketball or dance. They in turn support me in whatever I do.

Its a cliche’, but its true. Fitness is a journey, its not a destination.

Would you stop taking care of your house or your car? You maintain your car and keep up with your house, right? As long as you have this body, you gotta take care of it!

My younger son often asks me, “Mom, you must have walked a millions miles already! Are you done yet?”

I smile and reply, “I am just getting started buddy. I gotta long way to go!”

In the last 6 months, I have walked, danced, hiked and run about 1900 miles.

Its not the miles, calories or pounds that matter, its what they have done for my physical strength and mental attitude.

There have been days when I have suffered from allergies, but my routines have kept me on track. I have bounced back from any setbacks with a sense of determination and purpose.

For data lovers, I have included a graph of the cumulative miles I have accrued in six months and the percentage active. Weight is but an indicator of your well being. To me, my activity level and the miles I cover are a better measure of my fitness than a number I see on the scale.

Kay's Fitbit Data - Care For Your Body

The miles have made me come alive. They have brought me self discipline. They have allowed me to savor the simple things in life…

Sharing a laugh with fellow dancers, cherishing a cotton candy sunset after a vigorous run, or feeling humbled by the sea of supporters at the Race for the Cure. These are experiences I didn’t expect to encounter but are what I remember. I can’t wait to find out what the next 2000 miles hold!

Kay's Fitness Goals Completed - Care for your body

Our bodies are designed to feel good. They are designed to move, shake, and be active.

They are not designed to be confined to a cubicle or a sofa. They are made for us to experience and enjoy life. So get moving today!

Care for your body. Chances are you will launch a motivational avalanche that will cascade into all other aspects of your life.

He who has health has hope and he who has hope, has everything. ~ Arabian proverb

Are you a Fitbit or Myfitnesspal user? Connect with me!

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