The Authentic Life Guide – 53 Questions to Uncover the Truth

Do you wake up in the early hours of the morning feeling as if your whole world is slightly off kilter? As though you have misplaced your glasses and everything is out of focus. You wonder if it is something in your eyes, or maybe you forgot to the turn the light on or perhaps it is all a dream. But as you go about your day, you realize that it is not your world that has changed and you haven’t lost your glasses (or your marbles). Something within you has shifted. The work you did before does not have the same appeal today, the peers you admired don’t seem to be speaking your language any more, and the topics that attracted you yesterday now seem to be part of a stranger’s life.

What you have experienced is a paradigm shift and whether you want to acknowledge it or not, the way you will approach life has been irrevocably altered. The words – authenticity, purpose, or passion – keep churning around in your head as you go about your day. If you are reading this, this has probably happened to you. You have been craving something more, wanting to make different choices, wanting to show your true self in your daily interactions and to settle for nothing but being the best that you can be.

I have been asking many of the same questions for several years. I created an Authentic Life Guide filled with the questions that have been haunting me (and an interesting story). Read on to find out about how you can download this guide for free.

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An Authentic Life is Original

Doing what we love taps into the essence of our existence; it is a guaranteed way to makes ourselves, and everyone around us happy. If you have built a career around weaknesses, or have depended on external forces to propel you towards your goals, you are not living the authentic life.

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To become real, you have to be willing to be worn down around the edges and be polished by your experiences. You need to question your foundational beliefs and inspect whether they are true. If they weren’t, who would you be? If you were to let go of everything you have been taught or told and listen to the quiet whisper within your soul, what would it tell you? Would it reveal that you are an artist, a teacher or a writer? Are you ready to embrace that answer and follow those yearnings?

An Authentic Life is Fulfilling

How can a human being fulfill their potential? What if they feel fear and face doubt, should they continue with their goals? What if they are met with rejection at every turn? What is the ultimate reward? Is it to have everything fall into your lap effortlessly? Or is to chase those dreams through mountains, valleys and deserts and to never give up even when the terrain falters under your feet?

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Trials have played a major role in shaping my character. The choice to become an entrepreneur and the desire to be a writer were a result of life taking me down a scenic route. The result could either be gratifying or discouraging, what I make of it will depend on the actions that I take. The same applies to you. What are you willing to do to claim your rewards?

It may seem contradictory to say that when it comes to strengths we should do what brings us joy (and veer away from weaknesses), but when it comes to our life path, our greatest triumphs are just beyond the walls of resistance we face. We can defeat that resistance by operating outside our comfort zone, by reaching out to people, by taking action instead of waiting, by managing our priorities and our families, and never giving up.

My dream is to create such a community, one that is filled with stories of trials, opportunities and rewards. I want to know the trials that you face in your life. How have your trials molded you?

An Authentic Life is Prosperous

Have you ever heard of a farmer who was surprised by his harvest based on the crops he planted? Well, me neither. Most of us that follow the traditional path or don’t tailor our career to our strengths often are surprised at the results that we reap. Why is that? More than anything, we hand the seeds of our potential and the tools we have amassed over to others – to superiors, to people in Human Resources and to the Gatekeepers.

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When see that our efforts are not yielding the results we expected or if encounter hurdle after hurdle, we start believing that our goals are unattainable. Furthermore we cease to view our goals with a lens of prosperity. Prosperity is not just about building greater material wealth; it is improving the quality of our life and those of others. And it begins simply, by fostering gratitude in our hearts for what we already possess.

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I believe that it is important to pursue your career, whether it is entrepreneurial or corporate, with a mindset of abundance. The pursuit of prosperity starts with developing a vision, investing in yourself and assessing those investments continuously to bring your vision to fruition.

Download the Authentic Life Guide

I have poured all my efforts into creating a lovely Authentic Life Guide just for you. It is filled with thought provoking questions that challenge you to think about your authentic life. Before you read the guide, I want to warn you. Once you have had a glimpse of what is possible, there will be no going back. The rabbit hole to Wonderland runs pretty deep, once you climb down, you may never want to come back up again.

Authentic Life Guide

So go ahead, download the authentic life guide. When you have finished reading, leave a comment here. Let me know what you thought of the guide. Did the questions I pose resonate with you?

What questions do you ask yourself everyday? What have you been missing and craving for? What could be your authentic life? 

If you enjoyed reading this post and the guide, be sure to check back. I have many more interesting posts and new bonus materials lined up in the years ahead.

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