Why Should You Read My Blog? 4 Compelling Reasons

According to Technorati statistics, close to a million blog posts are uploaded every 24 hours. Every topic and subject you can imagine has been covered by hundreds of blogs. As I was outlining my upcoming posts, I had to ask myself, why should you read my blog? You have work, family and community commitments. You have your own goals and dreams. Your time is valuable and not easily spared.  After a few hours of soul-searching self-inquiry, the following answers emerged.

You should read my blog only if you:

  1. Feel a disconnect between what your spirit longs for and what you call your career
  2. Spend most of your days in left brain mode and are looking for ways to allow the right brain to reign supreme
  3. Wonder whether you too can take on entrepreneurship and need to know the ramifications of choosing that path
  4. Long to be a writer, but spend your days crafting mundane communications and have misplaced your writers voice
  5. Want to make healthy living a habit for your entire family and need methods that work
  6. Battle with inner struggles and need the motivation and external impetus
  7. Want to manage it all while running a household

Why Should You Read My Blog?

I can think of at least 4 compelling arguments for you to read my blog. Read on as I outline all the ways in which Red Gram Living can benefit you in your career, health and family goals.

Yoda Speaks

Transform Corporate Skills into Entrepreneurial Skills

After spending 14 years in Corporate America, most of my skills were geared towards that work environment. You will learn about how I am harnessing those existing skills in the RGL world. When we work for long periods of time in the same industry or discipline, we grow accustomed to skills specific to that domain. You only have to look at your resume to agree with me. Skills such as being able to manage projects and communicate with cross-functional teams will serve you well in both corporate or the entrepreneurial world.

But there is one big difference between the two. You become habituated to working with large teams, adhering to established rules and depending on process rather than practice to make things happen. As an entrepreneur, I do not have a support staff. Everything from the upkeep of my website, to researching books and products you (the audience) can benefit from, to writing and publishing, are all done by me. This is not a skill that is learned overnight, it is a mindset and a practice that has to be adopted.

You also might have very little time to dedicate towards continuous learning outside of the office environment. Sometimes you are so closely guarded from knowledge available to your superiors that you are not even exposed to differing points of view prevalent in other job functions or industries. In the future each person will switch jobs or careers every 4 years. You need to be able to adapt to change.

You need to constantly evaluate your existing skills from a global perspective. You need to learn not just to think outside the box, but you need to crush the box and develop a brand identity of your own. You need to own your unmistakable and authentic identity, which will allow you to plant seeds of prosperity in not just one section of your field, but multiple sections of numerous fields.   I intend to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you better prepare for your future career, whatever it may be.

Become an Eternal Reader and a Confident Writer

Before I started this blog in early 2013, my writing practice was confined to long emails, project documents and training material. Writing is one of the fundamental ways in which humans have been capturing the essence of our existence on Earth for centuries. In this digital multi media world, the power of writing is still palpable. Living your authentic life has much to do with bringing forth your unique writer’s voice.

I find it sad and incomprehensible that writing has degenerated to its current form where abbreviations and inventive vocabulary are the norm. Both in business and in the corporate world, strong writing skills are crucial to creating and propagating your brand. I consider writing for this audience, not a luxury but a privilege. I plan to bring you fulfilling relevant content that will encourage you to invoke your inner confident writer.  If you have ever wanted to become a writer and wondered what it takes, you can learn from my experience.

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One cannot become a Confident writer without first embracing the Eternal reader within. I am amazed by how many of my friends have forsaken reading due to their corporate careers and busy lives. I have made it my personal motto to bring books to your attention, which will illuminate the path to your goals and dreams.

Acknowledge and Overcome Your Struggles

Our inner critic watches over every move filling us with doubt or fear. Most of our so called struggles stem from unconscious beliefs cultivated over a lifetime. They exist in the realm of the mind and block your progress towards your dreams. I face these struggles every day. I try to be perfect, strive for balance and battle overachiever-mentality.

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I am sure you give your best to your career and in that regard you probably exact great sacrifices from your body. I misused my health and overworked my body as I pursued my career in Corporate America. I often listened to what my social self demanded and not what my essential self desired. I did not realize until much later that when you are leading an authentic life, you become more aware of the needs of your body and spirit. You are kinder to yourself and are apt to face your struggles with equanimity.

Feeding your spirit what it needs, with work and connections is craves, is a sure fire way to overcome your inner struggles. I will share my stories on this topic and I hope you will join the discussion.

Manage Your Family Life, Plant Seeds for the Next Generation

I admit that blogging, writing and consulting; it is all gratifying and hard work.  But, I have to acknowledge that it is exponentially harder, when you are simultaneously attending to the needs of a family.  If you add aspirational goals to the mix, the task seems almost impossible. So how can anyone fit it all in? I will be happy to share my tips and tricks with you!

Red Gram Living is not just about planting the seeds for this generation; it is about building a legacy for future generations to come. I make it no secret that I want my children to take the scenic route and build their own businesses. A well-rounded School curriculum alone does not suffice any more, we need to teach our children essential life skills and groom them into the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is perhaps the most fascinating topic that I want to explore and share with you.

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So what do you think, should you read my blog? Which topics resonate with you the most? Are there any you crave to learn about that I have not addressed here?


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