31 Indisputable Rights Of The Constant Reader

As a Constant Reader, I have often reflected on the fact that, should the need arise, I might need a Bill of Rights to uphold my freedom to read. Since this topic has been covered already here and here, I have created my own reading manifesto below. I refer to these as my indisputable rights of the constant reader because I will defend these prerogatives with my last breath!

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Rights of the Constant Reader

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Readers are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are:

  1. The right to alter your literary preferences over time
  2. The right to read anywhere for any length of time
  3. The right to try a book and not finish it
  4. The right to read light (science fiction or romance) when time is tight
  5. The right to read multiple books at the same time
  6. The right to re-read a book and celebrate the characters even to the point of turning it into an annual ritual

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  1. The right to read a book series along with your children
  2. The right to read a book from beginning until end in one sitting
  3. The right to recount your past through the books you have read
  4. The right to revisit a book in the form of a movie
  5. The right to refuse to view a movie because the book version is infinitely better
  6. The right to refer to your favorite characters in daily conversations
  7. The right to rave about the latest book that you love, to every person you meet
  8. The right to read comic books
  9. The right to compare two series, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, ad nauseam
  10. The right to insist on incorporating a bookcase in each room of your residence

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  1. The right to build lifetime reading habits in your children
  2. The right to be drawn to the nearest bookstore when you visit a new city
  3. The right to hunt for rare finds in used bookstores
  4. The right to make books your favorite gift for any occasion
  5. The right to be curious about other people’s reading preferences
  6. The right to read surreptitiously or openly
  7. The right to create a bucket list solely comprised of libraries and museums to visit
  8. The right to mentally transport yourself to the setting of a book

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  1. The right to covet the first edition of your favorite book
  2. The right to discourage anyone from intruding upon your reading
  3. The right to use or refuse E-Readers
  4. The right to own multiple copies of the same book
  5. The right to be such an avid fan of your favorite author that you plan your schedule based on the release date of their next book
  6. The right to inject quotes from your favorite books or authors in every email, blog post or social media post
  7. The right to read and re-read books from your childhood

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You also have the right to amend this Bill of Rights at any time!

Disclaimer: I borrow the term, Constant Reader, from Dorothy Parker, an American poet, via Stephen King. Most writers invoke the term of “Constant Reader” to refer to the individual that is forever committed to reading. Going back further, the term may be attributed to Shakespeare, in the preface to his tragedy:

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What are your thoughts on the rights I claim in my list? Are there any you would consider missing? Are you a Constant Reader? Join me on GoodReads!

2 Responses to 31 Indisputable Rights Of The Constant Reader

  1. Greg June 11, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    I feel the same way about video games! Search and replace! :)

    • Kay Fudala June 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

      Hello Greg, Welcome back! I doubt that the first editions of games are worth much! Are they?

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