Whatever You Do… Don’t Quit!

Millions make resolutions every year on New Year’s day only to give up on them within a few weeks. It is easy to attempt a change in your life and quit when things go awry. You may want to be exceptional at everything that you do or you may just want to get it all done. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. There are benefits to staying the course and not quitting. What is more important, however, is forming and sustaining habits that allow you to slowly chip away at your goals. So, if you are just beginning, or are well on your way to achieving your goals or just ready to throw in the towel, take heart, you are not alone.  Don’t Quit!  Here are a few thoughts to help your persevere.

Don't Quit

If you want to run a mile….

First walk down your street and back today. Do this every single day until you can walk around your neighborhood. Then jog down your street and your neighborhood. And then commence running. Congratulate yourself on every step that your take. Remember that running starts with walking. Don’t quit when you feet hurt, when you feel discouraged, when you are tired, when you perceive no immediate change. You will get there I promise! Don’t quit!
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Make these changes today!

  1. Get outfitted with the proper workout attire and shoes
  2. Find your song, the one that inspires you. Create playlists for working out.
  3. Journal your journey
  4. Get inspired by those who have made it. Watch “The Biggest Loser”

If you want to write a novel….

Start with a paragraph. Leave a comment on a blog that you frequent or write a review on a book you read. Write about things that resonate with your values and your life’s purpose. Are you passionate about literacy? Then write about it! Go read to your child’s classroom and then write a blog post about it. Are you a technology enthusiast? Write about how technology has made your life better. Share your stories with the world. Once you start putting your stories on paper or in a blog, I promise you the novel within will reveal itself.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! So you don’t get any comments on your writing, do it anyway. Find ways to improve your writing every day.
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Use these additional resources:

  1. Sign up for Daily writing tips
  2. Expand your vocabulary. Learn a new Word each Day.
  3. Read “On Writing” by Stephen King and “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott
  4. Are you further down the writer’s journey? Start a local writer’s club or sign up for NaNoWriMo.

If you want to get organized….

Begin with one basket, one shoebox or one room and get that in order. Systems only function as long as the people they are designed for use them. Speak with your family, your partner, your children, heck even your pet (you know you do it) before you initiate any changes. Don’t just create a system, document it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it could be appropriately posted handwritten signs that remind you to place things where they belong and clean as you go. Simplify your life. You will be motivated to stay organized because your time will be spent in living your life rather than organizing your stuff.
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Make these changes today:

  1. Designate an inbox for all mail. Purge this bin once a week.
  2. Automate your finances. Sign up for e-bills. Eliminate unnecessary mail!
  3. Create a system for each room. Closetmaid and Organize.com have some great ideas.
  4. Reward each family member for taking care of their space.

If you want to become a yogi….

Start with 10 minutes of yoga a day. Focus on mastering the simple poses – warrior, tree, mountain, child. Methodically progress to the complex ones. Begin and end each day with 10 minutes of yoga. Incorporate meditation into your yogic practice. Meditation will deepen, add dimension to your practice and provide mental as well as physical benefits. If you feel overwhelmed with your daily routine and are tempted to relinquish your yoga practice, don’t! Get back to the beginning and commit to a few minutes every day.
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Try these additional resources:

  1. Check out a beginner’s yoga class at your local gym or try an online resource.
  2. Watch this inspiring video
  3. Find a yoga partner. Identify your challenges and hold each other accountable for overcoming them.
  4. Sign up for a daily dose of yogaspiration!

If you want to become a speaker….

First discover your why. What is your message? What is stopping you from speaking in public? Get yourself out there! Give a toast at a friends wedding, read to your child’s class or introduce yourself and talk about your work at a networking event. Whether you are passionate about running, yoga or getting organized, there is no better way to make yourself known as an authority than is to present your message in front of an audience.
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Try these other suggestions today!

  1. Join a ToastMaster’s Group in your area
  2. Speak at a local networking group about your work or your hobby
  3. Agree to perform a demonstration at your child’s school
  4. Hire a voice coach. Look for recommendations from your friends or co-workers.

I leave you with these words from a man who refused to give up in the face of an insidious disease. He chose to sieze each day and live life to the fullest. If he could continue to lecture, speak, exercise and write until the end, what’s stopping you?
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