What Does Freedom Mean To You?

Another Independence Day has come and gone. For most of us, it was a day of family unions and respite from the grindstone. We celebrated with our friends, ate some apple pie and grumbled about the rising temperatures. I wonder, how many of us reminded ourselves of the ramifications of freedom? Consider the sacrifices that were made in the pursuit of the liberty, that laid the foundation for our current society, the celebrations, the pomp and parade!

What does freedom mean to you

Here are a few thought provoking quotes on freedom from the most influential men in the history of our country.

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Sure we have a glorious past of fighting for our freedom and defending our rights. Yet in all our daily actions, do we do what is right? You may say that you are but an individual, one lonely citizen in this wide open world. But it is the actions of people like you and me that have built this great country. I am curious to know, how do you exercise your right to liberty and pursuit of happiness? What does freedom mean to you?

  • Do you submit or surrender to circumstances? Or do you persevere in your dreams and your goals?
  • Do you cherish the ability to pursue an authentic life? Do your intentions and actions reflect your values, talents and passions?
  • Do you keep your mind, body and spirit healthy so that you can better enjoy this freedom?
  • Do you commit to a life long journey of learning and evolving as a human being?
  • Do you pay it forward and help others in need? Do you give your time, money and most of all your heart to easing the plight of others?
  • Do you pass the lessons you have learned on to your children? Do you challenge them to harness their imagination and change the world through their strengths?

How did you celebrate Independence Day? Do you live your life “as you ought“? How do you fulfill your end of the bargain?


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